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Team Skills Training

The Gold Standard in training for people with specialist conditions.

Why choose Team Skills Training?

People love Team Skills Training as they are specialist Training Courses designed to give an advanced knowledge of Medical Conditions that people may experience. Our course content covers an in-depth Theory Element, Practical based Activities, such as Sensory Deprivation Tasks and emphasises on the delivery of effective Care and Support as an integrated Team.

Services that have used Team Skills Training continue to demonstrate a key lead towards the delivery of High Quality Care for people who may be diagnosed with medical conditions; that require a high input of specialist knowledge and care.

Team Skills Training have a 100% Satisfaction rate in Training and Utilisation by our clients.


Team Skills Dementia focuses on the delivery of exceptional quality support and care to people who may be diagnosed with Dementia. Dementia is a largely growing epidemic in our modern society. Unfortunately; there is no current full cure for Dementia and learners are encouraged to learn how to effectively support and assist with the Daily Living and Care Needs for an individual with Dementia.

The course contents cover some of the common forms of Dementia, including signs and symptoms, treatment pathways, integrated Team Support, Sensory Tasks and much more.

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Team Skills Autism focuses on helping people who have been diagnosed with ASD. The course works by focusing on the individual needs of a person. Autism has carried a stigma for years, leading towards a negative attitude in society.

People with ASD can lead exceptional lives. In fact, some people have ASD and never get diagnosed.

Our training can help your team have a greater understanding on how to support a person with ASD, including an in-depth Theory session, based along with Sensory based activities and scenario based activities.

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Team Skills Schizophrenia is a course that focuses on the individual needs of a person who may have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. The course will give people an in-depth knowledge of how best to support people and give an understanding around triggers and behaviours that may be associated with the diagnosis.

Learners will be able to demonstrate a great understanding on how to effectively assist with managing symptoms. The course content covers simulations of sensory overload.

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